“The ambience of the Spa Tonic Health Club is incredibly friendly, extremely inspiring where every visit always turns into a healthy adventure or a fun experience. The staff is absolutely professional, caring and motivating while trying to joke around, keep you relaxed and demonstrating their entire interest in every client they have.”

Demi Lazarou

“My son used to complain incessantly about going to swimming lessons. When we joined with Sue , he looked forward to his lessons. His technique and speed has improved dramatically. Sue encourages the children through positive reinforcement and praise. She has infinite patience and a great sense of humour – her energy and enthusiasm motivates […]

John & Margaret Lamb

“After a life time fear of water due to a traumatic experience as a 12 year old, I have finally at the age of 65, overcome it. Thanks to the patience and encouraging 9 days of tuition from Sue McCafferty who has helped my wife regain her confidence and greatly improved her limited swimming ability. […]

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